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Overwatch League Shows Improvement In Third Week Of Competition


How about we check in on the biggest esports endeavor in modern gaming history? Three weeks into the season, how is Overwatch League turning out?

If you had asked one week ago, we would have had dismal answers. So far, Overwatch League has been notable for controversial finger gestures from some of its players and an unbalanced roster. Seoul Dynasty, New York Excelsior, and London Spitfire completely dominated the first two weeks of competition, each scoring a safe, uneventful 12-0 lead. It’s only recently that things have started to change.

Whether the other teams are catching onto the leaders’ play patterns or they’re just getting better, who knows — but we’re finally seeing some upsets happen in OWL. London Spitfire, previously invincible, was defeated by Boston Uprising yesterday and that game was followed by New York Excelsior being stomped by Philadelphia Fusion.

As of today, the number of wins is more evenly spread and the matches are becoming less predictable. There are two teams that don’t have any wins to their names at all so far — the Dallas Fuel and, at the very bottom, the Shanghai Dragons. Yet there’s even hope for the Dragons — they managed to take a map from Seoul Dynasty in a match this week, and Seoul happens to be the remaining undefeated team. Now that Seoul is facing New York in a match tonight, we’ll see if they remain so!

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