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Overwatch Is Better Because Of The “Ebbs And Flows” Of Players


Is Blizzard ok with how the player base comes in and out of Overwatch? Is so, why?

For certain video games, you expect them to be played for a certain amount of time, then you don’t expect them to be played again. For others, you expect them to be played consistently due to their nature. Overwatch is one such game. As its core gameplay is multiplayer 6v6. However, as is a danger with these titles, the question of “player fatigue” comes up. For after a while, everything new becomes old.

But, in an interview with Kotaku, Creative Director Jeff Kaplan thinks its fine if gamers stop playing for a while then come back:

“I always think of the type of game Overwatch is—competitive 6v6 action shooter—it’s the type of game that players are gonna ebb and flow in and out of,” the Director told the site. “I think that’s very natural. I think that’s very good for players, and it’s good for us—to have players not obsessing, like, all they ever do is play Overwatch.”

He added, “I think sometimes players panic when it’s like ‘Oh, my friends are playing Call of Dutythis month’. It’s OK. Call of Duty is brand new, and it’s super awesome. We’re playing it too. Then we come back and play Overwatch and do our placements.”