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Overwatch Director Comments on Cross-Play Possibility


While originally designed to be an MMO named Titan, Blizzard shifted its desire and decided to make a co-op shooter unlike anything else truly on the market. Their gamble (and marketing strategy) paid off huge, and the game become one of the biggest hits in recent memory, and Blizzard has been continuing to grow the game for years now. Including getting ready for a story-focused sequel game that is in development right now.

But among fans, there is a question that continues to linger. And that is the question of Cross-Play. Because right now, Overwatch is available on all major consoles (Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch) and PC, and other games that are on these systems (Rocket League, Fortnite, etc.) have Cross-Play. So why doesn’t Blizzard major hit title? Ironically, the answer isn’t quite out there yet. Because during a Reddit AMA, Director Jeff Kaplan noted, “[T]his is something we’re passionate about and exploring.”

Which may sound like something promising, but it’s not. In fact, Blizzard has noted many times in recent years that they’re “thinking about” and “exploring” Cross-Play for the title, and so him saying they’re STILL exploring it raises many questions.

We know that cross-play between the four major systems is possible via the games outline earlier. But perhaps the answer to the question lies in an explanation for another thing that Overwatch did, hesitate to bring the game to Switch. Not because it couldn’t handle the game, but rather, because it would have to be a truly separate build of it, just like the other three versions are different coding wise from the others. Thus making it a true challenge to keep things balanced and updated fairly across the systems.

So perhaps that is why they don’t do Cross-Play, because it would be a hard challenge to up keep across the platforms. Only they know the true answer though.