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Overwatch Celebrates The Year Of The Rat 2020


“Overwatch” has released a special celebration of the Lunar New Year [also known as the Chinese New Year] 2020 – which has been designated by the Chinese zodiac system as the Year of the Rat [meaning people born in this year are clever, resourceful and successful] – and begins on January 25, 2020. The “Overwatch” Lunar New Year 2020 celebration, however, is available now through February 5, 2020.


For one to be deemed clever, resourceful and successful, try each of the three weekly challenges in the Lunar New Year celebration in addition to unlocking a variety of skins [including Opera Brigitte, Face Changer Sombra, Mask Dancer Moira and Samul Nori Lucio], highlight intros, emotes and sprays. However, some skin unlocks – Ancient Bronze Winston, Monk Doomfist and Paper Cutting Wrecking Ball – are only available within the weekly challenges. Those weekly challenges offer a Monk Doomfist icon, spray and skin [for the first week’s challenge], an Ancient bronze Winston icon, spray and skin for the second week’s challenge and, predictably, a Paper Cutting Wrecking Ball icon, spray and skin for the final week’s challenge.


But the party does not end there as there is a new Capture the Flag event – Capture the Flag Blitz. As usual, the goal in the Capture the Flag events is for your team to – duh – capture the flag, but in the Capture the Flag Blitz event, instead of your team capturing the flag a required three times to win the event, your team must capture the flag twice that many times [that is six times if your calculator is not handy] and all while the flags have been moved closer to each other, making it all the more difficult to, you know, capture the flag.


Finally, do not despair if you do not collect enough skins or capture enough flags, there is always loot available – this time via Lunar Loot Boxes.