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Overwatch 2 Producer Cites True Reasons For Delays

Overwatch 2

The story of Overwatch is honestly one that is a tale of success through failure. Because at first, the game was supposed to be a “ground-breaking MMO” called “Project Titan”. And yet, after years of working on it, they decided to shift things around to make it a team-based shooter with a variety of options for characters and modes to test your skills in. It became a HUGE success for Activision-Blizzard and was ported to every console as well as PC. And so when Overwatch 2 was announced, players were curious what it would be like.

And…they’re STILL curious about what it will be like. Because Overwatch 2 was announced years ago, and yet we have no real updates, no release window, and information about what it will and will not be is clouded in rumor and speculation.

But now, a new piece of information has been brought forth by the producer of the game (and the original game), Tracy Kennedy, who cites the current turmoil within Activision-Blizzard as the reason that things have gone so wrong for the sequel.

This of course adds to the tensions that have been going on within Activision-Blizzard over the last several months, as more and more people within the company have spoken out on the terrible behavior of the CEO. And if this information from the Overwatch producer is true (and we have no reason to believe she’s lying to be clear), then that would mean he’s sabotaging games.

Naturally, this isn’t what gamers want to hear, as they want to play this sequel and see what it will be like and how it expands upon the first game. But if progress keeps getting wasted, and major steps aren’t taken to fix things…who knows when it’ll come out?

Only time will tell, and that’s not what gamers want to hear.