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Overwatch 2 Confirmed and Focused On PVE?

Overwatch 2

Without a doubt, Overwatch has been one of the most successful Blizzard games in history, because in just over 3 years the game has gotten a massive fanbase that is always eager for more content and with the recent addition of the game on Nintendo Switch, an even bigger player base to appeal to. But now, reports from ESPN are stating that Overwatch 2 is not only in the works, it might be coming sooner than you think.

ESPN apparently obtained documents from a source close to BlizzCon who have revealed more about Overwatch 2. The game will launch with not just the content already in Overwatch, but a new map, a new hero, and a focus on PVE gameplay, or to be more accurate, it will have a lot of story content.

There is also a brand new mode coming out called “Push”, any other details are being kept secret for now.

So if this is all to be believed, then BlizzCon 2019 will have a lot of things for Overwatch fans to be excited for.