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Overcooked! 2 Takes You To A Winter Wonderland


It is the holidays and what would the holidays be without a good, old-fashioned food fight – or rather, fight about food – thoughtfully provided by Winter Wonderland – the free [a very good price] DLC update for “Overcooked! 2”?


First, there should be some agreement/compromise over what constitutes a food item being overcooked – is it burnt to a blackety-black crisp or is it merely just barely past the foodie freak’s acceptable standard? A line needs to drawn in the sand on that very important topic.


Past that, it is a free-for-all in the Winter Wonderland DLC for “Overcooked! 2” with five new levels as journey through the imposing Onion Kingdom [try not to cry]. There is a campfire-themed level [influenced by Campfire Cook Off, no doubt], two levels influenced by The Night of the Hangry Horde [with Winter Wonderland’s horde being represented by an angry tree cookie, a zombie candy cane and an irate lump-of-coal gumdrop] and two levels influenced by Carnival of Chaos [good ‘ol hot chocolate to the rescue].


Additionally, there will be two new festive chefs in the house – a reindeer chef [which may increase the frozen tundra recipe options on the menu] and a chef whose head has been replaced by a packaged gift box, which should be interpreted as – whatever that chef cooks will be a surprise.