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Our First Look At Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur

Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur

In was all the way back in 2019 that Disney announced a cartoon called “Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur” would be coming to their cable channel. With a title like that, we had to know more…but it’s taken over two years to catch any glimpse of it. Today was the day footage finally appeared.

Jack Kirby created Devil Dinosaur for Marvel in the 1970s. More recently, Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder resurrected the character and paired him with a 13-year-old who calls herself Moon Girl. Their self-titled series launched in 2016 and lasted a whopping 47 issues — quite an achievement in today’s market.

Moon Girl’s real name is Lunella Lafayette, and she’s a certified genius. One afternoon, an experiment by Lunella accidentally opens a time vortex and before she can close it, Devil Dinosaur emerges. Now she’s stuck with a T-Rex in her NYC apartment, but she’s of the age where that’s considered the coolest thing in the world. Fortunately for her, they get along nearly instantly and DD doesn’t consider her tasty. What else can these new friends do but….fight crime!

Laurence Fishburne introduces the clip below. He’s actually in charge of the show — his production company, Cinema Gypsy Productions, is handling everything and he’s also voicing The Beyonder (how the Secret Wars character is involved in the plot is unclear as of yet). Diamond White stars as the voice of as Lunella Lafayette, while Fred Tatasciore will provide Devil Dinosaur’s grunts. Other cast members include Sasheer Zamata, Jermaine Fowler, Alfre Woodard, Gary Anthony Williams and Libe Barer.

Marvel has become notorious for going cheap on the animation in their kids shows, but Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur looks slick and high-budget. It’s also using a Gorillaz-like animation style we haven’t seen from Disney. We want more….too bad the wait is still so long. Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur won’t premiere on Disney Channel until the summer of 2022.