Home Channels Anime Otakon 2012: FUNimation Announces Acquisitions: “One Piece”, “Yamato Resurrection”, “Akira”

Otakon 2012: FUNimation Announces Acquisitions: “One Piece”, “Yamato Resurrection”, “Akira”


During its industry panel at Otakon 2012 Saturday afternoon, FUNimation announced acquisitions for many different anime titles.

Firstly, FUNimation picked up Tenchi Muyo: War on Geminar. They also plan to release the television anime Tenchi Universe and Tenchi in Tokyo in the near future.

Home video rights were also announced for three anime digitally distributed by FUNimation: Sankrea, Maken-ki, and Lupin III: A Woman Named Fujiko.

For the long-running action adventure series One Piece, FUNimation will release the 10th movie One Piece Film: Strong World and season 5 of the television show in 2013. FUNimation’s 5th season release will include episodes 264 through 336, covering the “Enies Lobby” arc. FUNimation also announced season two for the action series Fairy Tail as well as rights to its first movie.

Additionally, the super robot anime Aquarion: Evol, a sequel to Genesis of Aquarion, was also picked up. FUNimation also announced the film Space Battleship Yamato: Resurrection, currently the last installment for the space opera’s original storyline.

Finally, FUNimation announced that it had acquired the 1988 science fiction film Akira, with release details to come at a later time.