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Otakon 2012 Friday Night: The Meltdown Continues


Well, not so much a meltdown since everything’s pretty much melted already, so the experience outside has been more like swimming through what’s left. By 10 PM the air had the relative quality of lead, and it wasn’t helped much by the smoke from the Orioles’ fireworks show hanging in the air. Otakon Friday generally has a couple of feature events that are always on the schedule: the first screening of the AMV contest and a concert. I went to the AMV screening, and it was decent this year. Drama and Romance were both surprisingly strong, which is not an easy thing to do as they are both very hard categories to get right. Action and Dace/Upbeat unfortunately didn’t have much going for them and Comedy was just kinda odd.

After the AMV’s was the night’s comedy run, featuring the return of Anime Parliament to the Otakon schedule after a mixup last year. Judgements rendered include: Head Parliamentarian Adam Henessy being declared incompetent enough to continue as Head Parliamentarian due to the good results of bad decisions; all meat in the Pokemon universe is actually ground up defeated Pokemon from the Pokemon graveyard; Protomanguy (a fan in the audience) being declared the victor between Dr. Light and Dr. Wiley vis a vis funding; Kubey from Madoka being given a cease-and-desist order from recruiting on earth; and Applejack officially being declared a legendary Pokemon to get away from her apple cider monopolizing family. Obviously Parliament does veer away from actual anime quite a bit, but it’s all in the Head Parliamentarian’s hands, and he is now officially incompetent. There was also a very late evening run of Disorganization XIII’s “Spoiler: The Panel”. Targets for this year included Pokemon, Resident Evil 5, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, Tron: Legacy, Black Butler 2, Wheel of Time and quite a few other random targets of their mixture of performance art and meme generation. It works better in person than in print.

That marked the end of the first day of Otakon 2012. Hopefully there’s less heat for the rest of it!