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Orlando To Get Its Own Super Nintendo World

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If you live on the East Coast and don’t feel like flying clear across the country to experience Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood, there’s good news. Universal confirmed today their Orlando theme park will be getting its own Super Nintendo World next year, and it’ll be bigger than the California version!

The Universal Orlando SNW will not only feature the Mushroom Kingdom lobby (with interactive games) and Mario Kart theme ride, but a Donkey Kong Country area with a minecart rollercoaster. The Donkey Kong area was part of the original Super Nintendo World that opened in Japan, but Universal Studios Hollywood didn’t get one.

The attraction is part of a larger expansion for Universal Orlando — an entire separate theme park they call the “Epic Universe.” How To Train Your Dragon will also be part of that universe, with a giant recreation of the Island of Berk at its center. “Take to the skies and soar with dragons as you explore the colorful Viking village at the heart of Berk,” reads Universal’s description. “Take part in wild boat battles, feast like a Viking, and more.”

Epic Universe will be five areas in all; the other three are “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s Ministry of Magic,” “Celestial Park,” which doesn’t appear to be based on any property, and believe it or not, “Dark Universe.” Yes, it’s back, sort of.

You will have to walk through Celestial Park to get to the other attractions. Universal says it “puts the park back in theme park” with “rolling gardens, chasing waterways, and strolling pathways” that take you through “architecture inspired by astronomical and mythological elements.”

We’re not sure what’s in Dark Universe considering the movie version flopped, but we’re guessing monsters from their 1930s classics like Dracula and the Wolfman will appear, though Dr. Frankenstein may be a woman this time. “You will encounter everything from the experiments of Dr. Victoria Frankenstein to the shadowy landscape where monsters roam in a world of myth and mystery,” says Universal.

Epic Universe, and by extension Super Nintendo World Orlando, will open in the region sometime in 2025.