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Original “Star Wars” Script Uncovered, Proves Han Shot First


Kristian Brown, a librarian at the University of New Brunswick in Canada, was sifting through their library’s massive catalog of science fiction items when he discovered it: an original script for the first Star Wars movie.

Excited by his new find, he flipped to a certain cantina scene to make sure something that happened (and was later changed) was originally intended. And it was indeed there. “I’ll tell you one thing, right now,” Brown said with glee. “Based on the script, I can tell you 100 percent, Han shot first.”

Another thing Brown found out (that he didn’t know) was that Luke Skywalker’s original last name was “Starkiller.” This isn’t new information, of course; many die-hard Star Wars geeks know his original name, especially since “The Star Wars,” a graphic novelization of George Lucas’s original treatment for the movie, was published by Dark Horse during the last few months they held the SW license.

This script is not the original script. It’s halfway between that version and the final, so it mostly hits the same beats as the finished movie, except for a few different moments that are awkward to read now. When Luke first enters the prison chamber where Leia is being held, in the March 15, 1976 version he immediately becomes hot for her but then quickly regains his composure.


As for how the script wound up in a college library in Canada, Brown believes a previous librarian brought it there sometime in the 1990’s. It will now be put on display under glass at the University of New Brunswick along with a few other rare items found in the library. It’s probably worth a lot, but Brown is more fascinated by its significance in the foundation of current pop culture. “No matter how many new things are made, it all basically came from this first thing. And it’s just good to look back at the origins of the entire thing and not forget, you know, what came first.”