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Ooo-wee! Rick And Morty Returns In May

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The problem with finding out big news on April First is that nobody will believe you. You can yell your head off, but the typical response will be “Yeah right, grow up.” This is, of course, the kind of thing that a Kaufman-esque network like Adult Swim loves to exploit, which is why they debuted the first episode of Season Three on an April Fools’ night.

AS hasn’t changed one iota, and they’ve passed us a note stating the remaining five episodes of Rick And Morty’s fourth season will be coming out in a month. We’re pretty sure the day they picked for this announcement was on purpose, and we’re sure the only reason a surprise episode isn’t airing tonight is because they pulled that prank already.

So…really, folks. Rick And Morty episodes are coming out in May. You believe me, right? What do you mean you don’t? What do you mean you’re getting in your car right now? What do you mean the wheels are squealing as you floor it down the street? Stop that…

Oh wait, I have a trailer. Why didn’t I lead with that?

The usual amount of crazy, out-of-context clips are in abundance here. Rick and Morty mention jumping into a vat of acid. Summer has a lightsaber. Rick and Morty ACTUALLY jump into a vat of acid! Jerry whooshes through a tube. The dog in the mechanical suit from Episode 2 is back! Jerry whooshes through another tube. When we watch the episodes will these moments make a little more sense? Maybe, maybe not.

Rick And Morty secretes its back half May 3 on Adult Swim with the remainder of Season Four. Today AS also announced release windows for a lot of other shows not too many people care about, but they did offhandedly mention Primal will be running new episodes in the fall.