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Onward’s Maggie Simpson Short Moved To Disney+

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I wonder if anyone will ever believe that there was a brief time when a Pixar movie opened with a Simpsons short before it. The movie was Onward, which will forever have the shortest theatrical run of any Pixar-branded feature film at just two weeks. Instead of a short from Pixar themselves, or even an overly long holiday special with Olaf running around, Maggie Simpson appeared for a few minutes. I swear it happened, guys!

Onward was given an early premiere on Disney+ last week. This reporter thought it was very well-done, and wishes he could have seen it properly in a theater. But what about the short? It was nowhere to be found. It was neglected and not part of that week’s attractions….sheesh, did even Disney forget about it?

One week later, they appear to have fixed that one. Playdate with Destiny, starring Maggie Simpson, was added to the streaming service at the stroke of midnight on March 10 — coincidentally the same second Final Fantasy 7 Remake became available for purchase. Millions of non-gamers may now be seeing the short for the first time, yet have no knowledge of its origins.

As Al Jean told EW.com last month, “It started because two of our writers, Tom Gammill and Max Pross, pitched the basic idea as part of a Simpsons story [for the show] a couple of years ago. When we did the episode, [executive producer] Jim Brooks thought they could turn that part into a theatrical short. So, we delayed the episode, which will now air April 19.”

We thought this quote meant the short would be added to an episode of The Simpsons and THAT’S where everyone would finally see it, but it might actually be separate. Either way, if you have access to Disney+, nothing’s stopping you from seeing it now.