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One Punch Man Live-Action Film Announced


You’re probably just as sick of popular anime getting unnecessary live-action reinterpretations as we are, but we’re gonna have to pile another one onto the list. The only real twist here is that Netflix seems to have nothing to do with it (at least not yet; the exact place it’s showing up has not been revealed).

Sony Pictures has announced they’re officially developing One Punch Man into a live-action movie, with Justin Lin of Fast & Furious fame in the director’s chair. The property began as a crudely drawn webcomic, then graduated into a best-selling manga with more polished art, and finally into a critically acclaimed anime (at least for the first season…the critics didn’t care for the second one).

One Punch Man is about Saitama, a man in a world of superheroes who yearned to become one himself. But nothing was going to fall in his lap — All-Might couldn’t give him power because he’s in a different story — so Saitama had to do it the old-fashioned, hard way. He trained and trained for months and months until his body was in top physical form.

…But then when he first stepped out in tights, he discovered he’d actually overdone it. He’s so well-trained that he kills everything by throwing one punch. Now he’s a superhero, just like he wanted, but there’s no challenge. So Saitama spends most of his time walking around with a blank expression and making sardonic comments, only occasionally stepping in to throw his punch when other heroes can’t handle a threat.

Sony hinted they were looking into movie-fying One Punch Man two years ago, and said a script was being written by Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner. It looks like those two are still involved and so are Avi Arad and Ari Arad, who brought us all those X-Men movies in the 2000s and were most recently involved with Venom.

Anyway, you don’t have to watch it if you don’t want to. Filming is expected to begin later this year.