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One Punch Man Artist Creating Back To The Future Manga

back to the future

Why is the Delorean hovering next to Luffy and Goku? Are Marty McFly and Doc traveling to the manga dimension soon?

Yesterday, during the Japanese premiere of the movie Ready Player One, manga artist Yuusuke Murata (most famous for his work on One Punch Man) made the announcement that his latest project is an adaption of the 1985 classic Back To The Future. The project will be supervised by screenwriter Bob Gale and include additional scenes not seen in the original film.

Murata only announced that the first movie would be adapted, but the art he made public with the announcement suggests otherwise. If you look closely at this poster you can find Clara, Griff wielding his bat, the train and other plot elements from the second and third films. Most prominently at the center is the Mattel Hoverboard.

back to the future

The manga will first appear in serialized form on the Kono Manga ga Sugoi! website, followed by the first collected volume in print on April 20. However, that’s the Japanese street date. Will it be published elsewhere?

Back To The Future has had a visible comics presence over the last few years thanks to IDW, who has been publishing “side stories” set in and around the timeline of the trilogy’s events. An English translation of the BBTF manga seems inevitable, but since IDW holds the license in America, it may be their decision to make. If anything is announced on that end, we’ll pass along the news.

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