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One Piece Read: Manga’s One Volume Is The Largest Book In The World

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Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece is not only one of the most popular manga in the world, it’s also one of the longest running. It’s been going nearly nonstop since 1997. What would that much material look like stacked end to end? We now know.

Some maniac out there has decided to attempt to publish the entirety of One Piece to date into one book. JBE Books in Paris is producing a 21,540 page, 36 pound volume of One Piece, with a nearly three-foot-long spine depicting some of the manga’s greatest moments in color. (The interior is black and white.) It’s the largest, longest book ever created by man, and it costs nearly $2000 to own.

Is it even readable in such a shape? JBE makes no promises, promoting the book as a “sculptural object” meant to be displayed as an art piece. Only 50 will ever be made, and each will be signed by Oda himself. It will come with its own slipcase, for fitting onto your shelf…if you can find a shelf long enough. You’ll have to supply your own bookmark, which we highly recommend — you don’t want to lose your place in a book like this.

A more reasonable One Piece product was announced today for a theatrical US release. One Piece Red is the anime’s fifteenth movie, delving into the mysterious past of the character Shanks — turns out he has a daughter, and a famous one at that. Uta is the most successful singer in the world who has always concealed her face. Luffy is a humongous Uta fan with no knowledge of her origin, but when he and the Straw Hats attend her latest concert (where she plans to show herself for the first time), they may find out.

The English version of One Piece Red will premiere October 6 at New York Comic-Con, followed by a wide release November 4.