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One Piece Dominates US In New Anime Poll


If life over the last few years has proven anything, it’s that the status quo can change quite quickly when the right factors come into play. And that’s not just true about things like health and safety, but also, entertainment. In the 80s and 90s, anime was around, but it wasn’t popular outside of key shows like Dragon Ball Z and eventually Pokemon. It was seen as a very niche genre, and some of the shows were seen as a bit “too much” for some. And by 1999, other franchises slowly started to enter the US, like One Piece.

The reason we bring this up is the fact that in 2022, anime is one of the most popular things around, especially for teens and young adults and even full-grown adults. Shows like Naruto, Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia and more pushed boundaries and helped spark a revolution in the genre.

But that raises a question, what are the most popular of animes in terms of location? That obviously varies not just by the country, but what is shown in the country (such as how not every anime that is made in Japan comes to the West for…various reasons).

In the United States, a new poll was made via PC Magazine and they revealed that One Piece is the most popular in the US via a number of states searching for it over other animes. You can check out the breakdown below.

Now, if you’re going to try and make sense of this logistics breakdown…you’re likely overthinking it. This poll was about most searched for animes, and so we honestly can’t say what the No.2 or No.3 anime was. And so it’s possible that the other animes like Naruto or Sailor Moon or Death Note could be more popular than you realize via this poll.

That being said, it is an interesting indication of what people like.