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One Piece Creator Is Happy About Bleach’s Return


In the world we live in, the concept of rivalries between certain people, factions, organizations, and so on are natural. And in some ways, it can drive the industry forward. For example, in the world of manga and anime, the need to have the “best product” has driven mangaka creators and those who adapted their stories for decades to make things that would please fans. And for a while, two of the thins that made fans happy the most were Bleach and One Piece.

They, alongside Naruto, were known as “The Holy Shonen Trilogy’, or “The Big Three”, because they were the biggest manga and then animes around during their primes. However, while One Piece is still going, and Naruto gave way to Boruto, Bleach ended prematurely in terms of both the book and the anime, and many weren’t happy about it. That is, until the anime was confirmed to be coming back, and that made a LOT of people happy. As it would be allowed to finish the story told in the manga.

Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece talked on the radio about the return of the show as well as its creator, Tite Kubo. He noted that while they were rivals, he was happy the show was returning:

“I remember Kubo’s debut manga since we are around the same age. I felt, “Wow, this new mangaka has good drawing skills. His idea is good as well. His drawings eloquently tell us he is a pretty confident guy.” Now that he mentioned me that way, I announce here with 100% confidence that someone like Kubo is a competitive super-hard worker. I’m sure you are feeling embarrassed now, Tite Kubo. Lol.”

This is nice to hear, because especially right now, there’s plenty of viewers and such to get all the animes and mangas a boost, and so there’s no need for rivalries outside of the friendly kind to try and boost quality and content.