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NYCC2009: J.J. Sedelmaier’s It All Started Here


J.J. Sedelmaier and Howard Beckerman were at Comic-Con to promote an exhibit in White Plains, NY, that explores New York’s place in animation history. A robust assortment of animated shorts and commercials/promos were screened, which directly counter the common notion that all innovation in animation came from California. The majority of materials viewed at the panel were provided by Tom’s Vintage Film (Website/Blog ) or came from the collection of Tony Eastman.

Shorts Viewed:

Enchanted Drawing (1900), How a Mosquito Operates (1912), Bobby Bumps, Chef (1917), Hearts and Horses (1918), Felix Gets Broadcasted (1923), Forbidden Fruit (1923), Where Am I? (1925), Sweet Adeline (1926), Dinner Time (October 1928), Sunshine Makers (Van Buren, 1935)

Commercial/Promos/Interstitials Viewed:

Ajax (Shamus Culhane, 1948), Maypo Oat Cereal (the Hubleys), Piels, Jell-O (with “Chinese-type baby”), Prudential Insurance – The Lion and the Mouse (the Hubleys), two 5th Avenue Candy Bar commercials, Piper Slacks by HIS (Gene Deitch Associates), Alka-Seltzer (R.O. Blechman), General Mills’ Country Corn Flakes with Rice, Wyler’s Lemonade, Clairol’s Herbal Essence, Burlington Industries, Crest commercial featuring the Crest Team and Cavity Creeps, a Nickelodeon promo, Hawaiian Punch, Chock Full ‘o Nuts (Blue Sky), CBS holiday interstitial (R.O. Blechman), MTV promo (Sedelmaier), Nicktoons (Blue Sky), Sugar Delight, Nike Shox Celebrity Deathmatch commercial, Volkswagon GTI commercial with Speed Racer (Sedelmaier), Sundance Film Festival 2000 promo (MTV Animation), Starburst, Cluckin’ Chicken skit from Saturday Night Live (Sedelmaier)

“It All Started Here!” was curated by Sedelmaier and Beckerman, with support from Blue Sky Studios. The exhibit will be open until February 18th and is free and open to the public. Address and Directions below.

The Arts Exchange 

914-428-4220 x 223
31 Mamaroneck Avenue
White Plains, NY 10601
Tuesday-Saturday 12-5 pm
Directions from the Metro-North

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