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NYCC: The Walking Dead Gets Renewed For 11th Season

The Walking Dead

What’s the latest on The Walking Dead? Any new details on the upcoming season?

In terms of The Walking Dead main series, things are both good and bad. The show has already lost many of its main stars, including Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes and Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes. And the actress behind Michonne is leaving in the upcoming Season 10. But despite this, the show continues to trudge on.

And at New York Comic-Con, the showrunner behind the series has revealed that the series has once again been renewed.

“I’m happy to say to this crowd at New York Comic Con,” she declared, “there will be a Season 11.”

The showrunner also noted that she is very pumped for the story of the season:

This is a storyline I absolutely love from the comic,” she said. “It’s such a strange and interesting set of villains that have their very particular philosophy.”

Season 10 of Walking Dead debuts on AMC on October 6th.