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NYCC 2018: Avengers No Road Home Announced

Avengers No Road Home

Any big Avengers storylines coming? What will it be like?

This year, Marvel did something very bold. They took all of the Avengers series, and tied them all together into one story called “No Surrender”. This story featured the Grandmaster playing a “game” with Earth as the battleground. The Avengers did indeed survive, but it came at quite the cost.

Still, the weekly story was engaging, and thrilling, and fans reacted strongly to it. So, at New York Comic-Con, it was announced that a sequel was going to be coming in February of 2019 called “Avengers: No Road Home”, and according to writer Jim Zub, it’ll be the “biggest story we can possibly tell…again”.

To that end, the team at Marvel is also teasing a major character return. No Surrender saw the revival of The Hulk, but not in the way that people remember. So who is next? We’ll find out next year. But if it’s anything like No Surrender, you can expect big battles, a lot of characters getting their due, some surprising deaths, and more.