Home News NYCC 2018: Are The Deaths Real In Heroes In Crisis?

NYCC 2018: Are The Deaths Real In Heroes In Crisis?

Heroes In Crisis

What is the deal with Heroes In Crisis? Are those heroes really dead?

Since Tom King has been put as head of many DC Comics books (including Batman and Mister Miracle), he has been crafting a story focusing on a single word: Sanctuary. This was revealed to be a place in certain Batman books, and now, it’s the focus point of another DC Comics event called Heroes in Crisis.

The first issue of the series released two Wednesday’s ago, and it caused quite an impact on the DC Comics universe, as multiple heroes were killed, including fan-favorites Roy Harper and Wally West (the classic version). Given the…fluid…nature of comics, many have wondered if the deaths were permanent, or could something “reset” by the end of the story.

When asked about this at New York Comic-Con, Tom King said: “We tell these stories not about death, but about our lives.”

While non-committal, he basically insinuated that bringing the characters back to life would undo the story. That being said, the death of Wally West would apparently be dealt with in the upcoming Flash Annual.

What happens next in the story is anyone’s guess, but if the second issue is anything like the first, the ride is just beginning.