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NYCC 2018: AnimeSuperhero’s Cosplay Gallery

NYCC 2018 Cosplay

It’s New York Comic Con 2018, and of course that means cosplayers galore. Here are our cosplay photos taken over Friday and Saturday of the con. You can also hit my Flickr gallery for full-size photos.

Delta Major Designs in a spectacular Venom gown.

Venom Gown Cosplay Venom Gown Cosplay

“Chris” cosplaying Link from “Legend of Zelda.” Spotted at Pier 94 at the Anime Fest.

Link Cosplay Link Cosplay

Spotted on the street: the Hobgoblin, who had converted a hoverboard into a Goblin Glider and was coasting down the sidewalk to the amusement of everyone.

Hobgoblin Cosplay

1UP S/FX as Poison Ivy, Red Hood, and Penguin. Pretty sure you can figure out who’s who.

Poison Ivy, Red Hood, Penguin Cosplay Poison Ivy, Red Hood, Penguin Cosplay

DarkCrystal72 as an amazingly detailed Swamp Thing. Dangit, my flash totally blew the red-eye, didn’t it?

Swamp Thing Cosplay Swamp Thing Cosplay

Jessy Amane, pulling off an extremely unforgiving Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel cosplay.

Captain Marvel Cosplay Captain Marvel Cosplay

AlliZ Cosplay as a crossplay movie Aquaman. Delightful cosplayer who stands 6’1″, according to her Instagram, and who made me feel very small and breakable.

Rule 63 Aquaman Cosplay
Rule 63 Aquaman Cosplay Rule 63 Aquaman Cosplay

Lattimus Cosplay as classic Marvel Iron Fist.

Iron Fist Cosplay Iron Fist Cosplay

A crowd of people cosplaying Jaeger pilots, Gypsy Danger (or maybe Gypsy Avenger…can’t tell from this angle) and a Kaiju from “Pacific Rim.” Best shot I could get — they were pretty mobbed.

Pacific Rim Cosplay

Betty Nukem Cosplay as Rule 63 Maximum Carnage. Her mask was under repair, unfortunately, but to be honest? I was totally 100% OK with that. I’m just disappointed that the blonde in latex distracted me enough from the impossibly tall cosplayer in the lab coat standing behind her.

Rule 63 Carnage Cosplay Rule 63 Carnage Cosplay

Hurronimus Prime as Asurmen, from Warhammer 40,000. This was a cosplay where I had no idea who they were but it was amazing enough that I needed a photo of it regardless.

Asurmen Cosplay Asurmen Cosplay

Grace Vorosmarti as Artemis, the cosplayer who would only be known as Zatanna, and LittleMurph29 as the Scarlet Witch.

Artemis Zatanna Scarlet Witch Cosplay Artemis Zatanna Scarlet Witch Cosplay

Old friend of Toonzone/AnimeSuperhero Larry Smith as Batman Beyond.

Batman Beyond Cosplay

Batman Beyond Cosplay Batman Beyond Cosplay

Possibly my cosplay shot of the entire con: Little Shuri. Accompanied by Batman Beyond.

Little Shuri Cosplay Batman Beyond and Little Shuri Cosplay

DKenger and friend as characters from “Westworld.” And it was my last shot of the day and I haven’t watched the show and I had to get him to write his Instagram name for me ‘cuz I was getting loopy and a garter belt with fishnet stockings and I’m sorry what was I talking about again?

Westworld Cosplay Westworld Cosplay

And…the Batusi Project lives!

Venom Gown Batusi Cosplay Poison Ivy, Red Hood, Penguin Cosplay
Swamp Thing Batusi Cosplay Carol Danvers Captain Marvel Batusi Cosplay
Rule 63 Aquaman Batusi Cosplay Iron Fist Batusi Cosplay
Rule 63 Maximum Carnage Batusi Cosplay Asurmen Batusi Cosplay
Artemis, Zatanna, and Scarlet Witch Batusi Cosplay Batman Beyond Batusi Cosplay
Westworld Batusi Cosplay