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NYCC 2017: Will Arnett And Kristen Bell Join The Teen Titans Go Movie

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What adventure will the Teen Titans get into once they arrive in Hollywood? And are they about to meet GOB and Veronica Mars?

It’s official now: Warner Bros. has finally made their announcement that the Teen Titans Go movie is a thing. The title of the feature, Teen Titans Go To The Movies, was released today courtesy of the official Twitter account that went live this morning. To annoy people like Control Freak, it’s presented in portrait mode ratio.

The video is silent, but confirms the presence of two cast members nobody saw coming: Will Arnett and Kristen Bell, and it’s anyone’s guess who they could be playing. AV Club suggests Arnett could play Batman, since Arnett has already voiced Batman in two Lego movies and Batman himself has never spoken on the show. Bell’s role in this is unknown, but being a Disney princess means she’s no stranger to animation.

Teen Titans Go To The Movies will be directed by Aaron Horvath (who co-created the “Go” version of the Teen Titans) and Peter Rida Michail. Horvath and co-creator Michael Jelenic are writing the script. The Titans take on Hollywood July 27, 2018.