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NYCC 2017: A New Steven Universe Clip At Last


Remember back when Cartoon Network aired its last new episode of Steven Universe? Back when everybody listened to cassette tapes and a camera was 25 cents and children played stickball in sandlots?

Those were great times. Many months and 1500 Teen Titans Go episodes later, CN suddenly remembered it had another show, and thus we get this Steven Universe clip, the first new bit of animation released for the show in ages.

These are the first two minutes of “Dewey Wins,” which takes place right after the “Wanted” arc that aired back when your now-shaving brother entered first grade. Steven is finally back home and he can’t wait to tell Connie about his adventures in space — but Connie feel hurt over Steven’s actions, which suggest to her that he doesn’t care about Connie the way she cares for him. Steven remains completely oblivious to this, even after she mounts Lion and portals out of the area in a huff.

CN has not committed to an airdate for “Dewey Wins” or any other future episode, only hinting that the show will return “this winter.” That could mean anytime from December to February. Expect Steven Universe to return to the air around the same time your little brother graduates from college.