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NYCC 2017: Dan Harmon Speaks About Rick & Morty Fans


Is Dan Harmon already thinking about Rick & Morty’s fourth season? Who is he most hoping for as a guest star?

Polygon got the chance to speak to Rick & Morty co-creator Dan Harmon at NYCC. Since Season 3 just finished airing, there wasn’t much to say about the fetal stage of Season 4, so the conversation was mostly about the fans and how some of them have become rather…outspoken, to put it mildly.

In recent months Harmon has pulled no punches about his revulsion for the more toxic members of the Rick & Morty fanbase, and he brought it up again here. “I know there’s toxicity among the fan base because it’s a popular show and people obsess about it,” Harmon said. “We try to outdo each season. If it was dumber, it was an accident. Maybe I got dumber! You can’t argue with somebody who says they like this season, but not that season. It’s not the same show season to season.”

Harmon admitted he’s had his own fandoms and obsessions over the years. “I grew up shaking my fist at this Star Wars movie over that Star Wars movie … as long as I can keep making this show, hate it all you want. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t trolling a little bit by making sure that a season they had political reasons to hate was one of the best that we did. Then again, I can’t manipulate the quality of a show season to season. But what I can do is make sure it’s a really good season.”

Is there anyone Harmon would like to see guest star in Season 4? Turns out he’s hoping for Elon Musk, not only as a character voice but as a friend someday. “He can sleep in my house and hang out with me! I don’t read enough about him to not like him. He’s a guy that wants to make rocket ships, he’s welcome in my home at any time.”

The season finale of Rick & Morty aired last Sunday.