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NYCC 2017: Batmanime! First Look At Batman Ninja

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If Batman had enough time to prepare, could he defeat One Punch Man? How will the Dark Knight translate to anime in the first animated picture created by Warner Bros’ new Japanese studio?

The plotline for Batman Ninja sounds suitably out there, with a time-traveling Batman chasing the Joker throughout history, wielding katanas and kunai instead of Batarangs. An exclusive trailer was shown to NYCC attendees only, and we have no idea at this time if it will be uploaded by WB — the only clear description of what the studio showed was published by iO9 this afternoon.

Picture Batman, decked out in shogun’s armor and wielding a katana, charging at the Joker, who’s also brandishing a sword, but draped in a fanciful, ancient Japanese courtier’s outfit that’s overflowing with tattered ruffles that bounce along with his maniacal laugh.

On a tiled roof, the pair crash and slash at one another in a dizzying flow of gorgeous swordsmanship and the Joker taunts Batman that, even in this unfamiliar time and place, he’s still every bit the bloodthirsty killer he was in Gotham. The scene jumps to a quick montage of fight scenes and we see that it isn’t just Batman and the Joker who have been displaced. Nightwing, one of the Robins, Harley Quinn, Penguin, and Gorilla Grodd are there as well, and they all look like avant-garde, high-fashion, concept-art versions of themselves.

There is more where this came from at the link. In the meantime check out the first released promotional poster for Batman Ninja.

batman ninja

As the poster says, it’s coming in 2018. Now if only baseball was involved….