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NYCC 2017: ARMS Comic Book Coming In 2018


Now that Dark Horse and Nintendo have established a publishing partnership thanks to the big Zelda artbooks, what’s next? How about a graphic novel based on Nintendo’s youngest property?

Dark Horse announced today they are partnering with Nintendo to produce a series of graphic novels based on the Switch fighting game ARMS. Characters like Spring Man, Ribbon Girl and Master Mummy are expected to appear, drawn by illustrator Joe Ng. Ng is the man you go to for a fighting comic; he’s drawn books for Street Fighter and Darkstalkers as well as Overwatch.

The story of ARMS is light even by Nintendo standards: one day, everybody woke up with weird, bendy, elongated arms and decided to use them in a fighting tournament. For a fighting game, this is all you really need, but Dark Horse is going to have to come up with something a little more beefy to fill its pages.

Then again, the origin may not really be necessary — the characters’ colorful personalities should yield plenty of material on their own, in theory. One thing that hasn’t been revealed yet is who the writer will be.

ARMS will be one of the rare Nintendo comic books produced in America. In Japan, many major game releases from the company have been spun off into manga titles; some of them, like the Zelda series, have already been translated into English.