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NYCC 2014: What Time Is It? The Cartoon Network Anything Panel Writeup Time!


New York Comic Con Cartoon Network Anything Panel
Eric Bauza
The freewheeling Cartoon Network Anything panel hit in the middle of the last day of New York Comic Con 2014, with an array of panelists so large it overwhelmed the extended table set up on the Empire Stage at the Javits Center. The good news is that if you weren’t at New York Comic Con, missed the panel, or couldn’t get in the room, Cartoon Network got you covered by releasing many of the clips screened for attendees along with videos of some of the panel’s shenanigans. We’ve embedded them as they occurred in the panel; for the accurate New York Comic Con experience, sit about 20 feet away from your monitor and get 800 of your friends to sit with you and make a lot of noise while you watch. Maybe also get a big pillar to block part or all of your view, too.

Hosting the panel was actor Eric Bauza, who screened a video greeting from Adam Devine (who couldn’t attend the con). Devine revealed he’s actually the talent behind everything at Cartoon Network from the writing to the voice acting to the animation. He’s also probably responsible for pushing every last bit of digital information into the coaxial cable that feeds the signal to your cable box. Afterwards, Bauza brought out Uncle Grandpa creator Pete Browngardt and then actor Tom Kenny. Browngardt revealed that guest talent in upcoming episodes of the show will include Tommy Chong (quipping, “Ask your parents who he is” to the audience), Henry Rollins, and Weird Al Yankovic. A special Halloween episode was promised for October 28, where Uncle Grandpa and friends turn their RV into a haunted house. There are also several guest directors coming soon, with some renowned names in animation coming to play in the Uncle Grandpa sandbox. One short was screened for the panel, but I couldn’t make out who the director was and Cartoon Network didn’t release the video for it.

Tom Kenny was sure happy to be there, even if it looked like someone gave him Marcos Siega’s nametag by mistake:

New York Comic Con Cartoon Network Anything Panel New York Comic Con Cartoon Network Anything Panel

Adventure Time was the next show spotlighted for the panel, with Head of Story Kent Osborne and actors Jessica DiCicco (Flame Princess) and Jeremy Shada (Finn) taking the stage. After some clowning to show off what Adventure Time characters would sound like with New York accents:

Osborne showed off some behind-the-scenes material showing how the show’s crew comes up with ideas for episodes. They’ll play games in the studio where someone will draw something and pass it to the next person, who has one minute to tell a story from it. They also showed two different clips from upcoming episodes: “Jake the Brick” and “Astral Plane”:

After Adventure Time clips were done, Bauza held a dance contest for audience members (who, entirely coincidentally I’m sure, all seemed to be cosplaying characters from Cartoon Network shows):

It did make for some amusing stills, too:
New York Comic Con Cartoon Network Anything Panel New York Comic Con Cartoon Network Anything Panel

That’s Hanari Cosplay as Opal, there, too; we photographed her the day before. I thought she deserved bonus points for dancing with multiple arms, but apparently Marcelline’s hair-whip-with-wig trumped her.

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