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NYCC 2012: Man of Action Panel Report


There were surprisingly few people at the Man of Action panel; only around a few dozen. It was certainly the most relaxed, almost unprofessional (in a good way) panel I’ve ever attended, giving it a more intimate feel, where by the end of it one almost felt like they had just spent the last hour hanging out with friends. The Man of Action team (Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joseph Kelly, and Steven T. Seagle), were all in attendance, as well as their friend Danish comic book artist Teddy Kristiansen and narrator/writer/actor Scott Brick, who served as the moderator. The group all sat on chairs on the floor as opposed to the stage, further giving the panel a more casual feel and much more audience interaction.

Of course the group talked about Ben 10, the franchise they’re most well known for, talking about how they got together through working on X-Men comics at Marvel and brainstormed in a garage for three days before pitching Cartoon Network a series of 20 sixty-second pitches, which resulted in selling Ben 10. They spoke a bit about Ben 10: Omniverse, talking about the different style of the show, and how Cartoon Network mandated that they rejuvenate the show every couple of years in an attempt to get newer viewers, but much of the same people continue to work on the show. Another reason is that when things are set as a status quo it could get boring easily, so there are both corporate and creative reasons for the changes.

Talking about Marvel Animation, the group confirmed Principal/Agent Coulson will still be around in the second season of Ultimate Spider-Man. They went on to tell a story about what a neat guy Clark Gregg is: when they attended the premiere of Marvel’s The Avengers, Clark Gregg was being interviewed on the red carpet. When Gregg saw them, he just stopped the interview and went over to them to shake their hands. When talking about the upcoming Avengers Assemble show, “It will continue much of what the movie started, it’ll be slightly different from Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. It’s really going to focus on the core characters… but it is not some kind of drastic change from Earth’s Mightiest Heroes into Marvel’s Avengers Assemble. Everything that’s established in [Earth’s Mightiest Heroes] and just running from that point on. It’s like Bendis’ Avengers going into Marvel NOW! Avengers… Everything that happened in Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, we’re going to keep consistency from that, to the new show.” Speaking about the actual animation, “Marvel, with the success of the movie, is really focused in on this show, making sure that everything in it is top-notch. It’s really going to be a remarkably different type of animation than what you’ve seen earlier coming out of any Marvel property.”

There was a Q & A session, and while very fun and entertaining, there was nothing of note to report. All in all, it was an amazingly fun and entertaining panel, perhaps the most enjoyable one I’ve ever attended, and it’s a shame that so few people showed up to experience it.