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NTSF:SD:SUV:: Episode Recap – Whack-A-Mole – Season 2, Episode

Never abbreviate pinot grigio in front of Kove...and we mean never.

Synopsis: There’s a mole in the highly intricate NTSF organization – and it’s not one of those moles like on your back that have hairs growing out of them – it’s one of those really disgusting ones who snitch on their colleagues because they never got to use their own glue stick in kindergarten. All we know is that it’s not Alphonse, Jessie, Kove, Piper, Sam or Trent –well, that’s not all we know…we also know Ed Helms makes a guest re-appearance as Agent Eddie.

Never abbreviate pinot grigio in front of Kove…and we mean never.

Details: Gary the Whale [no relation to Gary the Snail from SpongeBob SquarePants fame, we presume…] is on his way from Sea World to entertain the troops and NTSF is in charge of Gary’s security when suddenly they hear Ren Faire music emanating from his travel trailer pod – a sure sign of an impending explosion and cheesy special effects. Gary’s death is blamed on NTSF and the agents turn on each other to discover who was responsible for this heinous breach of traveling whale security. Suspicions land first on Alphonse, Piper and Trent, who quarantine themselves in Trent’s secluded cabin in the woods – which is decorated in a distracting pseudo-HQ motif. After taking turns torturing each other with their various known weaknesses [for Alphonse, a particularly heavy price is paid as they organize then delete his music playlists], the trio determines the mole is not among them and turn their collective brains toward Agent Eddie [Ed Helms]. Meanwhile, back at the office, Kove has a visit from Internal Affairs in the form of Ellie Kemper as Agent Fitzpatrick. Everybody hates Internal Affairs, so despite Kemper’s cutesy approaches, the only one who doesn’t spit saliva or bits of cookie in her face is Jessie the lab geek – who becomes her new best friend, until….she discovers that Agent Fitzpatrick is really the mole! Oh…sorry, did we just ruin it for you? That’s okay, you won’t miss much if you decide to pass on this episode.

The Poop and Skinny: There are exactly three reasons to watch this episode and, combined, they last less than two minutes. They are, in order; the strong suggestion that the pronunciation of pinot grigio should never be abbreviated, Piper’s limber way of avoiding the laser beam in Agent Eddie’s office and all of Ed Helms’ brief appearance. If only this episode were really like “Family Guy”, we would have had 12 more brain cells at the end of viewing it.