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NTSF:SD:SUV:: Episode Recap – UKO’ed – Season 3, Episode 10

Piper and Daisy enjoy a spot of tea at the STSF:UK:DDB headquarters.
Piper and Daisy enjoy a spot of tea at the STSF:UK:DDB headquarters.

Synopsis: Alphonse has infiltrated the Little Britain section of San Diego and uncovered a plot to keep LB part of San Diego – only to get kidnapped in the process – forcing NTSF to bring in their British counterparts to help solve the case in this special half-hour episode.

Details: Alphonse has successfully infiltrated the Little Britain district of San Diego and uncovered a plot for a reverse revolution – trying to keep Little Britain absorbed into San Diego [a la Hong Kong and China] – but discovers rabble rousers want to secede from San Diego and gets kidnapped for his trouble. This sets the NTSF team into action and Daisy rejoices as she finally gets to use her American accent because “Little Britain hates Scots”. A Star Wars-like hologram of Kove [holding a wine glass] then instructs the team to go to Little Britain to free her colleague and secret lover Alphonse.

Anthony Stewart Head [“Little Britain” – appropriately enough] is Alfred Corningham, the mastermind of the plot and his plan to kidnap Alphonse to frame him for the planned assassination of the Prime Minister of the Royal Navy that NTSF has to call in their British counterparts, the STSF:UK:DDB squad, headed by Julian Barratt [“The Mighty Boosh”] and Colin Salmon [“Arrow” as well as three James Bond movies]. As NTSF arrives in London and marvels at the various landmarks, they are immediately accosted by a pair of Clockwork Orangish thugs whom the Salmon routinely dispatches with a finishing head butt flourish while Barratt explains all the moves after Sam has run away, soon to join a band of Robin Hood-like street urchin misfits.

Back at STSF HQ, the Brits reveal a plan where the NTSF crew goes undercover at Corningham’s manor in a nod to “Downton Abbey” – all posing as servants of Daisy’s American girl persona – Dolly Lee Washington, an American cousin suitable for marriage – and without their guns, because guns are banned in the UK. Piper is posing as Daisy’s servant when Corningham – who has taken a shining to her – hands her Alphonse’s necklace as a gift, alerting Piper to the plot afoot. But Robinson the Butler, as it turns out, is Corningham’s co-conspirator and aims to protect the plan by killing Daisy until Daisy objects to Piper being called “incredibly fit” by Robinson and kicks the gun out of his hadn so Piper can finish him off.

Sam is failing as a pickpocket within his band of misfits and it is ultimately revealed that Salmon is a turncoat within the STSF organization but is head-butted into submission by Trent as they foil the plot to assassinate the Prime Minister of the Royal Navy. Meanwhile, Alphonse winds up being drugged by his nurse, Anna, so she can harvest his organs and sell them to the Cambodian medicine industry and, oh yeah, by the way, she’s a dude.

Trent is displeased to learn the Buckingham Palace guard is really dead and not faking a soccer injury.
Trent is displeased to learn the Buckingham Palace guard is really dead and not faking a soccer injury.

The Poop and Skinny: Although the show was actually filmed in London, the NTSF staff are purported to be in the “Little Britain” section of San Diego.

The British version on NTSF is named STSF:UK:DDB – standing for Socialist Strike Force:United Kingdom: Double Decker Bus – obviously.

“Why would anyone hate San Diego?” Piper laments rhetorically. “Our college bar scene is unmatched and our chicken mascot is the envy of all Major League Baseball.”

Daisy wants a chance to use her American accent as a girl from Rhode Island who loves guns, drinks terrible beer and has a50% chance of developing Type 2 diabetes by the time she’s 25.

“We use verbal bullets here. They won’t kill you but they will wound you – for a lifetime.” Barratt, explaining to NTSF team why they have to hand over their guns before going on the mission to free Alphonse.

Back at NTSF HQ, Reggie the African-American SUV mechanic notices the team is “short on Asians” and offers his services.

A Buckingham Palace guard – noted for their ability to remain still despite exterior influences – is keeled over on the ground and Trent is trying to make him move but it turns out he is really dead and a wallet, keys, scarf, moustache, blood, beer mat, detective and a finger may all play important roles in his death.

At The Itchy Quail Pub, Trent commits “assault and vinegar”.

Beer pong is just like snooker – only the balls get wet.

“Bumper Nuts – they’re like balls you put on your truck to make it look like your truck has balls!” – endorsement/testimonial by the President of the Navy.

“Who’s Alphonse?” – Trent.

NTSF:SD:SUV:: opening disclaimer – “Tonight’s episode of “NTSF:SD:SUV::” was ripped from the headlines and carefully glued back together in a comedic and amusing fashion to confuse the next guy who reads it”.