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No Silk For You: Amazon Passes On Spider-Spinoff


Last year it was announced Amazon had started production on a Spider-Man-adjacent series starring one of the comic’s newest heroes, Cindy Moon AKA “Silk.” But apparently that’s not happening anymore…several news outlets are reporting the series has been abandoned.

It would’ve been called Silk: Spider-Society and not much else about it is known other than that. Angela Kang, former showrunner of The Walking Dead in its later years, would have helmed the project.

Created by Dan Slott during his tenure on the Spider-Man book, Cindy Moon has the same proportional strength and wall-crawling abilities of a spider because she was bit by the same radioactive arachnid that bit Peter Parker, on the same day (that thing was busy). Silk was there the whole time, just imprisoned in an underground bunker for fifteen years. We acknowledge that there was probably a better way to fold her into the universe than this.

You might be wondering if the Silk show was cancelled to make room for the Spider-Man Noir show we just reported on earlier. It’s a bit more complicated than that. Reportedly the series has been rebooted, restarted and retooled several times behind the scenes, with no version shaping up to Amazon’s liking. The strike also played a factor with no work being done through much of 2023.

When the strike ended, Amazon neglected to invite anyone back to the Silk writer’s table, being like “nyaaaa, do we haaaaave to?” It was only after the WGA threatened them with a lawsuit that production resumed, but there were still reports of a “developmental overhaul” last February and now the whole thing has been trashed.

Noir did play somewhat of a role in this at the end, because when all was said and done, Amazon preferred one over the other. Both Noir and Silk are Lord Miller productions headed by Amy Pascal. Perhaps we’ll see Cindy in the third Spider-Verse movie instead.

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