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No Man’s Sky Introduces Living Ship Update


Another free – remember, as always, a very good price – update from “No Man’s Sky” introduces a new type of starship called a Living Ship, as well as some other goodies.


Living Ships – and the one depicted in the trailer looks like a cross between a nautilus and a cuttlefish – each have a unique set of “organic technologies”. In the new series of missions – Starbirth – players will learn about the birth of these new Living Ships via the ancient Korvax experiments. Players who wish to incubate, grow and ultimately fly their own living ship should visit the Space Anomaly and follow the call of the Void Egg.


The Living Ships feature their own organic cockpits where you can pilot your ship by grasping vein-covered tendrils to “suggest” directions to the living craft [while also examining your ship’s innards in full 360° in VR]. Travel through star systems encountering space objects and new life forms that will both bring either rewards or danger.


Additionally, NPCs now have the potential to hail your communicator in space. These alien lifeforms often stock specialty items for sale – but some may need assistance, or approach with more questionable intentions. [Managing items in your inventory has become easier with a new shortcut to instantly divide a stack in half].


Finally, multi-player exploration has been streamlined with the ability to warp as a group. Team up with friends and strangers on the Space Anomaly, then choose your exit destination to continue your journey together. Game performance is said to be improved with a focus on runtime optimizations for terraincloud and water shaders for PSVR and PS4.


As if all that was not enough, an array of bug fixes and enhanced optimizations are also included in this update.