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Nintendo’s Mario Movie May Have New Voice For Titular Character


The universe that Nintendo has created is honestly very large. It spans from the realms of space, to multiple planets filled with gods, man and pocket monsters, and so on. And one thing that Nintendo has been trying to do in recent times is go and expand their reach in terms of how their beloved IP are seen by their fanbase. So much so that some time ago, Nintendo announced they would be teaming up with animation studio Illumination (the team behind The Minions Movies among others) and make a Mario Movie.

However, likely due to the pandemic and other factors, there have been no updates on said Mario Movie in quite some time. However, one “insider” on Twitter claims to know where Nintendo and Illumination want to go with the voice acting of a certain plumber and it’s not the voice you’re likely thinking of if you’re a fan of the games.

Granted, this is not confirmation of Charles Martinet not being the character he’s been for many years, and technically decades, but it wouldn’t have been said if there wasn’t a certain shred of evidence to hint this.

Believe it or not, there is a slight precedent for this and it comes from the rival of Mario: Sonic. When the Sonic the Hedgehog movie was being made, fans were floored when the then voice of Sonic in Roger Craig Smith wasn’t asked to be in the movie and instead it was Ben Schwartz. Many thought this was a slap in the face of the movie but it was just their way of making the movie their own.

What’s more, Martinet may be the voice of Mario, but how many lines has he actually said as Mario? In the upcoming movie it’s VERY likely that there is going to be a lot of talking and perhaps the teams behind the film want to make sure that whoever voices Mario will truly be up for that task and make Mario sound great.

No release date for the movie has been given.