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Nintendo Switch Update Does Something To Joy-Cons, But What?


The Nintendo Switch is easily the most versatile of any console on the market right now and for various good reasons. First and foremost, the console can be played in the “regular” way via your TV and a Switch doc. It can be propped up to be played on a table, or, it can be played in Handheld Mode so you can literally play it anywhere. The other versatility is in the Joy-Cons, which allow you to play the games while attached to the console, attached to a special controller, be played with one person per controller, and more.

So naturally, Nintendo has to work hard to keep not only its console updated with various things, but also making sure that the Joy-Cons are updated as well. Which is why it’s curious that many are noting that the system has gotten a new update, and the controllers are a part of that update, yet no one knows what exactly has been “updated” about the Joy-Cons.

Now, there are many ways that this can be taken, including Nintendo just doing a very small update that doesn’t affect the grander nature of the controllers and thus doesn’t need to be explained, or, they’re possibly trying to fix certain things and just don’t want to let the consumer base know about it just yet.

As many Nintendo Switch owners know, the controllers for the system are both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, they are very versatile like the console. However, after a while they suffer from a condition known as “Joy-Con Drift” where the sensors will react in the game to something touching the control sticks even though nothing is moving them, thus affecting gameplay.

Nintendo has been light on discussing this due to a lawsuit, but have promised to fix things via their maintenance centers.