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Nintendo Switch Production Returning To Normal

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There have been many things held back by the current lockdown of the world, and the video game realm is indeed no different. However, with regards to the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has been suffering a bit more than most. Mainly because their manufacturing warehouses and shipping methods have been shut down during this time. This has caused a series of shortages that have made many fans look to other sources to get their Switch. But thankfully, that seems to be ending soon.

As noted by a Nintendo representative, the process of making the Nintendo Switch has opened up. Meaning that their production is back in full swing and they’ll be able to not just make the product, but meet the demand for it. The only catch to this is that it will take some time to ship to everywhere that needs the Switch, and thus there will be a shortage for at least a little while longer for some areas.

The Switch is not the only thing that Nintendo has been dealing with in terms of basic supply and demand. Their hit title Ring Fit Adventure has gone from a desirable title in the lockdown to nearly impossible to find because it’s being bought up left and right. No doubt many are wanting to use it to get into shape due to the various workout centers being shutdown currently.

The return of the Switch is advantageous for the Switch because they are in the midst of a curious year. Their hardware and software have been doing well, but much of the year is still shrouded in mystery in terms of titles releasing. Animal Crossing New Horizons has been the knockout hit of the year in many respects, but Nintendo needs to keep the momentum going.

With the consoles returning to stores, it appears they’ll be able to do that.