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Nintendo Switch Gets Its First Special Paint Job

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That was quick. The Nintendo Switch has only been out for a little less than three months, but already there’s a limited-edition version with a special design in the works. It comes courtesy of Capcom, who announced Monster Hunter XX (pronounced “Double Cross”) for the Switch last weekend. The game is an upgraded port of Monster Hunter Generations, which was released for the 3DS last year.

It may be just a port, but Monster Hunter is HUGE in Japan and the mere announcement that an MH game would be out on the system boosted Nintendo’s stock 5.48 percent in one day, hitting a nine-year high (yes, higher than the peak of the Pokemon Go craze). The series does not enjoy such mainstream popularity here, but it has a cult fanbase that makes translations profitable. Neither Capcom nor Nintendo have announced Monster Hunter XX will be coming to America, but the past record makes it a likely guess. We’ll hear more at E3.

Big releases get tie-in console designs. Capcom unveiled a special limited-edition Switch today with Monster Hunter designs on the dock — the first of its kind for the young machine. This version is currently only being made available in Japan…..and in fact isn’t available at all right now because it sold out within hours.

Even though only the dock is different, you can’t buy it separately — it’s a full Switch package and it also comes with the game, making a total price of $352 when converted to dollars. The idea of collector’s docks sold separately does have potential, though. Maybe Nintendo will think of it and maybe they won’t.

Nintendo has more pressing matters on the mind right now — like the fact that they can’t keep the Switch in stores fast enough for casual consumers to even see it. That’s why they’ve bumped up their production orders to 18 million units worldwide by the end of 2017 — however, the report that revealed this also mentions a possible shortage of LCD screens this holiday season that may stymie those plans.