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Nintendo NX Launching March 2017, And Other Depressing News


All the rumors and scant evidence seemed to be suggesting Nintendo’s next console would definitely be launching this fall. Barely anything has been announced for Wii U past the summer and developers have had dev kits since mid-2015. Today, during a financial earnings announcement, Nintendo finally came out with it: the NX will officially launch worldwide in….March 2017.

In accordance with this, the next Legend of Zelda has been delayed again because, as everyone figured, it’ll be an NX launch title. It will also be the ONE PLAYABLE GAME Nintendo demonstrates at the show, period. Nintendo claims this is being done “in order to provide attendees a complete immersion” but……haha, no, no one’s buying that. Activision won’t be on the floor, EA won’t be on the floor, and Nintendo will have just one game. It’s going to be the weakest E3 ever, but from a journalist’s standpoint, it’ll be very easy to cover.

Of all the months, why March — isn’t that a dead zone? They’re thinking financially here. Not in terms of the lucrative Christmas season, but of getting the NX out within the fiscal year, which ends March 31. Traditionally, though, they’ll be in new territory: consoles have always launched during the fall, midsummer at the earliest. The earliest console launch to date was the Sega Saturn in May, and uh, let’s not talk about how that went.

In the meantime, the Wii U will be kept alive an extra six months by….I don’t know, Balloon Fight HD or something.