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Nintendo Now Allowing User Reviews Of Switch and 3DS Games

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Where can I leave a review of Nintendo game for all to see? Something for a 3DS or Switch game I played?

Nintendo hasn’t always been on top of things, even though they still surprise people with how revolutionary they can be. However, they’ve released an update on Nintendo.com that’ll allow gamers to leave user reviews, something that has been asked for for some time.

Now, there is a catch or two here. You must have a MyNintendo account, and have it linked to your Nintendo Switch and 3DS. Through that, the system will be able to tell if you’ve played the game for at least two hours. Only after that will you be able to write it out.

But, once you’re able to, you’ll be able to do it full stop. First, you’ll use the Game Guide to find the title you want to review. You’ll get to create a headline, tag whether you have spoilers or not, the whole nine yards. And what’s more, though the reviews will be moderated, Nintendo promises not to edit or delete them if they’re posting a negative opinion.

So, if you think you want to do it, go try it out!

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