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Nintendo Is Working On New Controller?

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What is Nintendo working on right now hardware wise? What are they planning next?

During a recent shareholders meeting, the topic of controllers was brought up by one present. They asked about what Nintendo is doing to evolve this, if they are doing that at all.

“We are always dreaming up new things,” said Nintendo’s Takahashi. “For example, for 1-2-Switch, the first game released for Nintendo Switch, we suggested that people play by looking at each other and not at the screen. And for VR, we thought about how we could change not just the controller but also the gameplay itself, and came up with the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit.”

Meanwhile, Shigeru Miyamoto noted that Nintendo has evolved controllers more frequently than others.

“At the same time, I also believe that we should quickly graduate from the current controller, and we are attempting all kinds of things. Our objective is to achieve an interface that surpasses the current controller, where what the player does is directly reflected on the screen, and the user can clearly feel the result,” added Miyamoto. “This has not been achieved yet. We have tried all kinds of motion controllers, but none seem to work for all people. As the company that knows the most about controllers, we have been striving to create a controller that can be used with ease, and that will become the standard for the next generation.”

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