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Nintendo Forms Tech Partnership With Scrum To Develop New Ideas For Nintendo Switch

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Are any advancements going to come to the Nintendo Switch? What kind of things are they thinking up?

When Nintendo revealed the Nintendo Switch, the system was already innovative in its own right. For here was a portable console that anyone could play on anywhere. But, Nintendo also admitted that they were still thinking of ways to help flesh out the experience the Switch can bring. To that end, they’ve announced a new partnership with Scrum to help develop new tech to advance the Switch even more. For as Bloomberg notes:

The program, run by Scrum, will look for startups, teams within larger companies or university researchers developing new tools to improve the Nintendo Switch platform, including components, sensors, chips or other add-ons, the venture capital firm said. Scrum and Nintendo will provide developers with assistance to bring products to the market. Neither company plans to invest directly in the startups.

This is not unlike what they have done with the N64 or the Nintendo Wii, where additional graphics boosters or motion control add-ons were released to improve the gameplay experience. The question now is, how long will it be until the first of these new devices releases? Or are even teased? That’s up to Nintendo.

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