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Nintendo Explains Why Nintendo 3DS Wasn’t At E3 2018


Where was the Nintendo 3DS during the presentations and Treehouse events? What’s Nintendo got planned?

Nintendo may not have had the best E3 of their lives, but E3 2018 was a solid showing for them. They unveiled some surprises, delivered some key announcements, and naturally talked a lot about Super Smash Bros Ultimate. But one thing people were wondering was where the Nintendo 3DS was. They noted that they were going to take the handheld into 2019, and possibly beyond, yet it had no presence at the show. Well, executive Doug Bowser sat down with Club Nintendo and noted the following:

“We really wanted to focus on Switch here. We felt we had so much content available. You’ve been down on the floor, you’ve seen all of the great games not only from Nintendo, but also from our third-party providers. We wanted to make sure that we really gave the attention to Nintendo Switch. It is a phenomena right now, it is a fast growing platform, and we wanted to make sure we gave it that recognition on the floor.”