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Nintendo Announces New Indie World Showcase

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Nintendo has been on a very curious streak when it comes to their Nintendo Directs and showcases. The last “major” one was only 8 or so minutes, focused on DLC and 3rd party games and did not show a lot of things to fans that really intrigued them. The last true Nintendo Direct was all the way back in March and didn’t really note much that wasn’t already known. And now, Nintendo has announced the latest Indie World showcase that’ll take place tomorrow morning.

This event will be special in its own way, because as revealed on Twitter it’ll be 20 minutes long. What’s more, Nintendo has been VERY supportive of indie titles for various reasons, not the least of which is that they’ve been a big seller on the Switch, including many indie devs noting that without the Switch sales their games wouldn’t have done nearly as well as they did.

As is typical with Indie World showcases like this, there’s little doubt that there will be a wide array of Nindies that are shown, including timed exclusives, true exclusives, and maybe a surprise or two. Which will delight those who are waiting for the next big 1st party game to come up, so thus they’ll get an indie game in the meantime.

But fans on the internet are not as pleased as some will be for this announcement, and for a very basic reason. While indie games are fun, that’s not what a lot of people get. They want news on the next 1st party titles and that’s looking pretty scarce. The only other major 1st party game for the year that we know of is Pikmin 3 Deluxe, which is a port of the Wii U title, so not the long-rumored Pikmin 4.

So as to when the next true Nintendo Direct will be…only the Big N knows for sure…