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Nintendo Already Planning Features For System After Nintendo Switch?

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If you were to rewind the clock back about 5 years, you’d see that Nintendo was in very dire straights. Their latest home system at the time, the Wii U, was failing in just about every metric outside of certain game sales. But compared to the Nintendo Wii, they were still paltry, and just as bad, 3rd party developers weren’t coming to the system with their games too much. So, Nintendo did a major pivot and eventually came up with the Nintendo Switch, and the effect has been immediate and somewhat shocking.

But apparently, according to ComicBook.com, the success of the Nintendo Switch isn’t enough for shareholders. During a meeting, one shareholder noted that Nintendo should try and go “beyond their limits” in regards to having consoles on TV for whatever their next system is.

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa and director and senior executive officer Ko Shiota talked about this at length and noted the various things that the Switch has done right and how it has incredible “momentum” despite it being in the 4th year of its console life. They noted that the systems portability and ability to play virtually is beloved by fans, and it’s true.

Plus, Nintendo is focusing on making content for this singular unit, unlike before where they had to split their focus between console games and handheld titles.

However, they did note that while they were going to try and make the Switch’s lifecycle “as long as possible” they weren’t going to ignore certain advances that they could make in their next system…whatever that may be.

To hear that Nintendo is already thinking past the Nintendo Switch isn’t shocking, because they’ve admitted in the past that when one console is launched, they already start planning the next one.

The real question is how they will do better than the Switch, which has dominated the market since launch.