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Ninja Kamui Is Adult Swim’s Next Anime Original

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In recent years Adult Swim has been getting into producing anime, usually premiering it on the Toonami block. Their latest, from Jujutsu Kaisen’s Sunghoo Park, has been set to premiere next month. Get ready for Ninja Kamui!

Since the series is not based on any existing manga, no one really knows what it’s about, but a trailer was released last year that presents a vague idea: it’s a tale of revenge. In these 90 seconds of ultraviolent clips (we mean violent, folks, you may not be able to play this at work) we see a man eviscerating hordes of thugs, interspersed with clips from the past where he is frolicking with his family. At one point his wife’s throat is skewered by something sharp. It looks like a Japanese take on The Punisher.

Ninja Kamui is being produced by Sola Entertainment with E&H Production, and features character designs by Takashi Okazaki. The voice cast, either Japanese or English, is unknown at this time.

Let’s be honest here — Adult Swim hasn’t had the best luck producing original anime. Their continuations of FLCL have been weak and incomprehensible. About all Fena: Pirate Princess had going for it was that the animation was pretty. Their Shenmue adaption was decent, but then Zaslav wrote it off (DeMarco was about to order a second season too, which potentially might’ve told us what happened after the third game).

In our humble opinion, this money would be better spent tying down broadcast licenses to the latest and hottest anime shows, like they used to do. But we’re not the ones in charge, and the money is going to “originals” instead whether we like it or not. And who knows — Ninja Kamui might not suck. The trailer sells it pretty well.

The first episode of Ninja Kamui premieres February 10 at midnight on Toonami; each episode will be available the next day on Max.