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Nickelodeon UK Screens New Animated Shorts For International Programme

Nickelodeon Animation Studio

Nickelodeon UK are currently presenting a quartet of animated shorts via their Nicktoons website and the Nick app. For the next 12 weeks four shorts will be released together at a time, with viewers able to vote at the Nicktoons website for which shorts they like best and the possibility of popular shorts being expanded further by the network.

The current selection of shorts consists of-

Austin Oliver created by Greg Worswick

Austin Oliver, the ultimate class clown, turns the most boring classroom ever into the most awesome one.

Level 15 created by Rudi Bloss

Two video game characters, a fly-catching tadpole and a hunted duck jump their games in search of safety.

Pam & Sid’s Port-a-Party created by Mindy Sterling and Annie Sertich

Two hyperactive high-pitch-voiced meerkats love to party and dance inside a port-a-pottie.

Zombie Brothers created by Eric Robles

Two zombie brothers aren’t trying to be cool, they’re just trying to eat brains.

Viewers have until 31st August to watch the current selection, at which time they will be replaced with the next group of shorts for consideration.

Aspiring animators around the world interested in participating in the 2016 incarnation of Nickelodeon’s Animated Shorts Programme, due to start January 2016, are directed to apply via the Nick Animation Studio website.