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Next Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Character To Be…Travis Touchdown?

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate continues to dominate the sales charts as it were for the Nintendo Switch as the game has crossed over 20 million in sales and has become the best-selling fighting game ever, with Smash Bros being the best-selling fighting game franchise ever. High honors. But, for gamers, it’s not about the sales, it’s about the characters! Fighter Pack 2 is still ongoing, but thanks in large part to the pandemic, we haven’t had an announcement about the next DLC character yet.

However, a Twitter post seems to indicate that it may come soon due to this:

That does appear to be real,a nd you’ll notice that next to it is an add for The Crown Tundra for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

So then the question is, who will the next DLC character be? Well, there has been natural speculation and guesses, but one guess seems to be rising up from the realm of No More Heroes:

This wouldn’t be the first time that Travis has been touted for the game. Suda 51 even noted earlier in the year that this WASN’T going to happen…but that he wouldn’t be mad if it did happen. So…what is the true answer here? It’s honestly hard to say.

Travis Touchdown is the “hero” of No More Heroes, which was honestly born on the Nintendo Wii before its sequel got ported, but No More Heroes 3 is coming solely to the Nintendo Switch. So having him be a DLC character would be a great way to boost the game.

Then again, it could just be that Suda 51 is playing silent because he knows that people will beg for him to say whether it’s true that Travis will be in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

The first DLC Pack had 5 3rd party characters, and Fighter Pack 2 started off with a 1st party character in Min-Min, so many expect a 3rd party character to arise.

But only time and Nintendo will tell whether these guesses are good or not.