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The Next Pokemon Game Could Hit The Switch Sooner Than We Thought


Nintendo and Game Freak have confirmed they will be continuing the main Pokemon series on the Switch — which, being a console-handheld hybrid machine, means fans are finally getting the console version of Pokemon they’ve been begging for. What isn’t known for certain is if this next game is an expansion of Pokemon Sun and Moon (which releases today) or the next generation.

The website Eurogamer says it has reason to believe in the former, and they claim in the summer of 2017, a third version of Alola will be released on the Switch called Pokemon Stars. It would take advantage of the Switch’s extra horsepower to deliver better, crisper visuals, and it would contain everything Sun and Moon do now, plus some new additions. This is assuming Eurogamer’s sources are accurate.

So is it true? If we were talking about any other company, there would be no question. It would make a lot of sense for Nintendo to get Pokemon onto the Switch sooner rather than later, but…..well, Nintendo’s decisions aren’t always business-savvy.

And what about Pokemon fans — would they be allured enough to purchase Sun and Moon a second time just to experience the series on television for the first time? Will this rumor cause some of them to hold off on buying the 3DS version? (No, it will not….there’s the social factor to consider; everyone will buy it because everyone else is buying it too.)

Time will tell if Pokemon Stars is a real product or not. Nintendo has a big Switch-related conference scheduled for next January…we may find out more there.